Dr Michael Radcliffe

Consultant Allergist

Secretary: 078 4252 0577 

Email: [email protected]

Address for Correspondence: 

1 Leigh Road, Highfield

Southampton, SO17 1EF


Dr Radclifffe was so helpful and understanding of how I felt that I felt much encourgaged and relieved to know that help was available and that there was a light at the end of the tunnel.



I was very impressed with Dr Michael Radcliffe, he understood my symptoms and had some very good suggestions on how to deal with my hay fever and food intolerances which I will follow up.



The plants must have been troubling me for years.  I find a big change in my breathing and the almost permanent tight feeling in my throat has gone.


Both Dr Radcliffe's advice and the information he gave me were extremely clear and helpful - it was a very great relief to be pointed in the right direction at last! I am very grateful to him for this as I am sure that his recommendations will make a big difference.



Good advice given and acted upon.


Excellent, clear, to the point, illuminating, 5-star.